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released November 5, 2012



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Automotive High School Brooklyn, New York

A northeastern dwelling group of malnourished {due to allergies} creatures that only live once. All attempts to domesticate have resulted in serious reconsideration of future attempts to domesticate; I’m lucky to be alive after my encounter with a plank of automotive high school. ... more

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Track Name: Look. It's Gone.
There's a moment of every night the prettiest city lights unfold to emptiness / I know only to lose myself, It seems there's no better way to make it through this world / How long can this really go on? / Mama cried, "please just speak son of mine" / Every time I look it's gone / Papa tried coming around, a little late this time / There's a moment of every night your silhouette finds its way into what I have left / I took a bit of your bad advice, It seems there's no better way to make it through this world
Track Name: Wonder Sings
Keep it close or forever lose everything that is helping you feel alive as you quietly push through / There remains, and will always be an endless search for a breath of ease whispering "I would die for you and me" / I took to the mountain tops, you got off at the city stop, I can't wait to meet again / I suspect that the day my mind is at rest is the day that I will lose all the color from my eyes/ As the sound of wonder sing, delusion's settling / I try to fight the weight of sleep as the sound of wonder sings / This is nothing but a haunted home, neither here nor there, just cold / And the sun creeps slowly up the stone / Lost steam when the engine stopped / wishing hard that the fire caught / looking for a new way to the top / She spoke. He said nothing back / Then the sky turned from blue to black / Are you nervous, shaking, scared? / This situation is going nowhere /
Track Name: Planks
Light reached far from all the years that I used to know / It settled down slow in the sky where it wrote your silhouette above the old horizon of trees / It fell down beneath the life that I breath / It looks so good where no one can see / I've been thinking about all the things I've been living without but I won't anymore / This will be the night that we devide / Smoke curled 'round your pretty face and gave strange disguise to the all-so-well-known, on going ride / Frame me to a perfect crime and I'll play along / Woke up to a song and the summer is gone / Build up, trash it its gone /