Bad Knees

by Automotive High School

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released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Automotive High School Brooklyn, New York

A northeastern dwelling group of malnourished {due to allergies} creatures that only live once. All attempts to domesticate have resulted in serious reconsideration of future attempts to domesticate; I’m lucky to be alive after my encounter with a plank of automotive high school. ... more

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Track Name: Bad Knees
while there was east to west
gee i was directionless
f'ed the north to south
seemed every route was round about
and so i latched to you
the only one who i knew
i was trash, but true
and i just hoped that would do

atop the fire and frill's
a face from a movie still
with desires to build
you had them, you always will
your name's a blanket term
for all cares and all concerns
while i said i knew
there were somethings outside we two
i needed a hand or two
i thought you thought i'd pull through
while the other ones were practiced dudes

what could i do
when you ran away from me
you know i've got bad knees
no way i could have caught you

and then i fold
and i tell you i still love you
that i'm always thinking of you
then i hear my self say (please)
do do do...

you're off with me
but better off up a tree
but for now we brush
the dust from off of our antique
yeah i have fun, i do
but that's the trouble with you
an impassioned bruise
i've tried to hide it from you
thought i could pay my dues
turns out the debt was a ruse
back to seeing things in darker hues

what could i do...

thought i'd try and be a real go-getter
well with some luck
i'll come up
from this hole better
all together
bundled up from your cold, cold weather

i'm sick of feeling like the joke's on me
i'm buckled up
to give in
and i'm glad to be
then mad to see
i'm ready again
for the bad news you'd be

what could i do... do do do